Unified Communications

When you have more options for communication, important information is shared quickly and easily. You can’t predict exactly what situations will unfold, but you can be ready for them, whatever they are. Unified communications can bring you integrated IT solutions across a multitude of platforms, streamlining vital communication processes on multiple devices. Video conferencing, instant messaging, web conferencing, and personalized emails can all be a breeze to set up.

Unified Communications as a Service: What Does It Do?

Unified communications refers to the seamless integration of different communication tools. It creates the possibility for voice calling, instant messaging, and video conferencing to all be done from the same platform. Many businesses need special applications that can accomplish this. 


First, we determine the kind of solutions that would work best for your company. We have access to a lot of different, yet powerful, tools, thanks to our varied partners, so we learn as much as we can about your brand before we decide which hardware will work best for you. 


In healthcare, unified communications allows for ease in the messaging among doctors, nurses, or receptionists. Keeping things flowing smoothly in offices and hospital rooms can help reduce the time it takes to help patients. When things get confusing on a busy day, answers from the rest of the team can be instantly accessible. 


When it comes to education, unified communications helps create both ease and safety. If there are messages for students, the appropriate teacher gets that message right away. Plus, students who are working together on a project can communicate, regardless of where they are in the building. All of these systems need maintenance, and we’ve got you covered there, too. 


In retail and restaurant environments, unified communications means higher levels of productivity. Your cloud data storage is important, and your team needs a platform to communicate about schedules, inventory, and many other things. Your POS systems must be ready for anything, along with your order management systems. With our IT managed services, all of this is possible.

The Best Tech for Unified Communications Services

With Vonage, all of your communications information remains safely in a completely modernized digital cloud. It can also help to advance communications processes with scalable voice, messaging, video, and data capabilities across a variety of systems. 


RingCentral can help, too, if it turns out to be a better fit. It combines message, video, phone, and contact center services to create more flow in your businesses. We only partner with technology partners that we know are right for the job. That’s why the solutions we provide are trusted to drive results across the boards.


These are just a few examples of the innovative solutions we have access to, but the list goes on. If you want to know more, contact us now. We’re excited to discover what our unified communications tools can do for your business. Over the years, we’ve created digital transformation for massive companies and small businesses alike, and we’re devoted to simplifying the complexity of technology. 

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