Structured Cabling

Chances are, when you think of IT services, structured cabling is not the first thing that comes to mind. Unless you work in IT yourself, there’s a chance you are unfamiliar with the term. But don’t worry, because “structured cabling” is not as complicated or daunting as you may think it is.

Structured cabling is, essentially, the organization of infrastructural elements in your cabling system. If you’ve ever seen a room or space packed with neatly organized wires and ethernet cables, you’ve seen structured cabling. The purpose of it is to keep your hardware organized for easy access, maintenance, and installations. With technology changing so rapidly today, structured cabling makes it even easier for organizations to upgrade their equipment. And should a problem arise, structured cabling makes it easier to diagnose and resolve hardware issues in your network.

Structured Cabling Industry Standards

Voice and data cabling is the primary mode for structured cables. Voice and data cabling is what connects your organization’s system to the network and technology it needs to operate. 

The current industry standard is Cat6 or Cat6A cabling, though this technology is constantly evolving. All cables utilize twisted copper wires joined with an ethernet connector. Cat5, Cat6, and Cat7 cabling are all in use for voice data across different industries. Generally, a Cat6 or Cat7 cable will offer higher data transfer speeds than the lower level cables. However, those higher speeds come at a slightly higher price than the more affordable Cat5 cables.

Certification is achieved through the BICSI Cabling Installation Certification program. This program tests and confirms that all cabling installers are familiar with industry best practices and the latest technological information. A certified cable installer should be able to provide clear guidance and installation for cabling to any business. There are four levels of BICSI certification available: Installer 1, Installer 2 Copper, Installer 2 Optical Fiber, and BICSI Technician.

NexLinked Structured Cabling Services for Cabling Companies

NexLinked’s solutions are intended to help our partners achieve effective and efficient systems for all their data. We work directly with cabling distributors to ensure that we, and our partners, have access to industry-leading technology at all times. As fiber optic cable technology evolves, your business or organization should evolve with it. With leading IT and cabling companies like NexLinked at your disposal, your business can easily manage this.

Not only do we work to provide our partners with the fastest technology, but NexLinked also provides installation and maintenance. We work directly with distributors to help get our customers the best possible service and installation.

NexLinked can also provide clean-up services for existing cable infrastructures. If your current cable setup is inefficient or out of date, our team can help you better organize your system.

Whether you’re in need of a full system build-out or a simple tune-up, NexLinked can find a solution for you. Contact us to learn more about how our cabling solutions and practices can help you.

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